Axel is a Belgian streamlined engine who participated in the Great Railway Show. He was a contender in the Great Race.


Axel is a smooth, streamlined tender engine built for speed; his good looks and style have made him very popular with fans of steam. Effortlessly cool, he will be sure to win over more fans at the Great Railway Show.


Axel is based off of an NMBS/SNCB Type 12. One of these locomotives, 12.004, is preserved at the Train World railway museum in Brussels, Belgium.


  • Axel is the second French-speaking engine in the series, the first being Millie and the third being Etienne. He and Etienne are the first standard gauge French-speaking engines in the series.
  • He shares Luke's whistle sound.
  • Axel's Take-n-Play toy has a few errors:
    • His tender is backwards, although this was fixed on his Adventures/Collectible Railway model since it has connectors, and aren't one directional. This could also be fixed by using the Adventures to Take-n-Play adapters as well.
    • He has buffers at the back of his cab above the magnet.
    • His Take-n-Play prototype had Vinnie's tender repainted, this was corrected on his final model.
  • His name is possibly derived from a photograph of his basis taken by Axel Vermeulen.
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