Dunbar is an diesel-electric hybrid shunting engine who works at Chuggington. He is in charge of the Trainees.


Dunbar has a strong work ethic and acts as a mentor for the younger engines. When an engine has low confidence, Dunbar encourages them to keep on trying. He is full of helpful tips and advice and takes pride in his position of shunter, making sure every engine gets the right rolling stock for each train.


Dunbar is based on a Union Pacific EMD GP38-2 diesel engine. Part of the EMD Dash 2 line, the GP38-2 was an upgraded version of the earlier GP38. Power is provided by an EMD 645E 16-cylinder engine, which generates 2000 horsepower (1.5 MW). Most built still remain in service in the modern era due to ease of maintenance and exceptional reliability.


  • He acts as a Teacher of the Trainees
  • Dunbar often assists Vee.
  • Calley was his assistant from Season 1 - 3 until she joined Jackman in Chug Patrol
  • In German he is called "Daniel". In Polish his name is "Danbar". In Hebrew is called יוסף, in Czech his name is Kilián
  • He went on Holiday around the world part way through Season 3. He returned before Season 4 started. During this time, Skylar took control of the trainees.
  • His horn sound was later reused for Salty.
  • Milan Prsa, the creator of the series, stated that one of his dominating facial features, his underbite that vaguely resembles a cowcatcher, may be redesigned in the series. According to Milan's second Twitter account, Milan stated that he did not like the design because of how uncanny it looks.
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