Farnsworth is a stuck-up passenger diesel engine in the 1991 film The Little Engine That Could.


The local train between Kahlville and Celgreb City, Farnsworth is easily described as "too big for his wheels", thinking that he should only pull coaches and passenger, and nothing else. He also thinks he shouldn't get up so early, claiming it's bad for his "chug" and that he's a "refined engine". This attitude, as one would expect, is not well like among other Crotoonians, especially his shedmates in Kahlville. Just don't be around when he's seen Spencer! Or you'll be in for a bumpy ride!


Farnsworth is based on a Baldwin Sharknose Locomotive, Baldwin RF-16. Chatsworth also shares this basis.


  • Farnsworth originated from the 1991 'The Little Engine That Could' movie. Other engines from the film include Big Freighter Pete, Georgia, Jebediah, Tillie and Doc.
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