Irving is a medium-sized dark red diesel engine who handles the recycling chores around Chuggington.


Irving works at the busy Celgreb Bay Rubbish and Recycling Yard at Celgreb Bay Harbour, taking charge of the Recycling division. Life isn't easy for this perfectionist, who has to put up with working alongside two grimey, grubby rubbish yard engines and the word's messiest man, but Irving keeps working at a job until completion, and is very helpful to those in need. With a need to emphasize the importance of recycling, Irving is proud to say almost everything in Crotoonia is recyclable!


Irving is based on a Beilhack Rotary Snowblower, minus the plow on the front and modified with sweepers.


  • He likes to keep things neat and tidy.
  • In German he is called Erwin, in Hebrew he is called שלמה, in Polish, he is called Iwo.
  • He can be unkind to other trainees and chuggers.
  • He always wants everything to be neat and tidy.
  • Irving and Old Puffer Pete are the only two chuggers with glasses.
    • Also, both Irving and Pete are voiced by Paul Panting in the UK dub.
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