Koko is a Japanese electric engine. She is an advanced Trainee and is one of the main characters of Chuggington.


Koko is the oldest of the trainees and unlike Wilson and Brewster, is powered by electricity, meaning she only needs to charge her batteries every now and then, as opposed to fueling up with diesel. Koko can be a little overconfident and rush through things, but unlike other fast passenger engines, she doesn't mind hauling express freight, and does work as hard as she can with a job. She cares deeply for her friends, and will always help them out whenever she's done something wrong.


Koko appears to be based on a 0/100/200 Series Shinkansen. Koko has a large light on her front which resembles a nose, instead of two smaller lights on either side of what would be the "nose" on Koko. She also appears to have an upturned nose and a large front bumper, as well as a huge vent behind her cab where her engine is situated inside of, instead of a set of windows that represents where passengers could sit inside of. Koko also runs on battery-power, unlike her basis that uses overhead wires via pantographs.


  • Koko is the oldest of the trainees.
  • Koko considers herself the fastest chugger in Chuggington.
  • She often does things too quickly, resulting in accidents.
  • Koko gets power from the tracks which charge her battery.
  • She likes to say "Betcha' can't catch Koko!" and "Chugga chugga choo-choo!"
  • In German, she says "Toot Toot" instead of "Choo Choo".
  • In Polish, Koko's catchphrase is "Raz i dwa i tut tut" (One and two and toot toot). This is because the series is not called "Chuggington" in Poland and any words containing "chug" would not be understood by the audience.
  • Also, in the Polish version, she sometimes says "Z drogi śledzie, Koko jedzie". In English: "Out of the way herrings, Koko is on the way"
  • Koko is the first trainee ever to win the speed badge.
  • Koko has a speed fleet.
  • She is the only fully electric powered trainee.
  • Amongst the three main trainees, Koko bears the least resemblance to her real-life counterpart.
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