Montana is a blue tender engine who appears in a 1936 cartoon, Play Safe.


An older, safety-keen streamlined locomotive with a fine blue, orange, and yellow livery, Montana is always looking over the crew like a proud and concerned dad, always warning them "Bewa-aaa-re! Take ca-aaaa-re!". His main job is running the Fairytale Arrow, an express train running from Pinewood Island to Celgreb City to the United States!


Montana seems to be a hybrid cross between a NYC Mercury and a Union Pacific Forty-Niner.


  • Montana originates from the Fleischer Bros. 1936 cartoon, Play Safe.
    • Unlike in the aforementioned cartoon above, Montana's mouth was modified for unknown reasons; the same design was used in Soeren Hermansen's earlier project, Casey Jr. & Friends.
  • Montana occasionally resides in his own shed near Platform 1 at Kahlville Junction.
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