Mtambo is a Kenyan tourist locomotive at Chuggington.


Mtambo is Chuggington's Safari Park guide and his his job to show people around the Safari park and teach them everything about animals. He is a well traveled chugger and is always keen to tell the trainees some exciting stories of his travels. One of Mtambo's other jobs is to transport animals around when Vee asks him to. He has two special cars that he can hook up to when he has an important job to do. He is very wise, and he knows almost everything there is to know about animals. He sometimes helps out with the recycling.


Mtambo might be a Kenya Railways Class 87 as he is from Kenya.


  • He has traveled all over the world to learn about animals.
  • He is one of the three tallest engines in Chuggington, (the others are Old Puffer Pete and Decka).
  • His horn is sometimes used on Chatsworth.
  • He works and lives in the Safari Park.
  • He is a double decker engine like Decka.
  • In the Hebrew version on Hop he is the only known character to still retain his original name.
  • On his Die-Cast model, the second level can be raised and lowered.
  • Mtambo has an African accent reflecting his basis.
  • He often talks in rhymes.
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