Olwin is a British steam locomotive who is very wise and kind.


Olwin is a kind but fussy streamlined engine. With a habit of keeping her paintwork pristine and buffers buffed to the best, she's a hard worker who sometimes has trouble getting to do dirty work, like collecting cars of sooty rock or coal from the quarries. She likes to keep right on schedule and does her best not to be late! Despite her fastidious ways, she's a very motherly and caring engine whose always ready to be there is anyone needs a buffer to cry on.


Olwin is similar to a tenderless LNER Class A4 locomotive. Spencer from Sodor and Mallard, holder of the world speed record for steam locomotives, are other members of this class. An additional five members of this class survive in preservation.


  • Despite being based on one, Olwin was a tender engine, but now she is a tank engine, much like the Crown City Star engine from the Arthur episode; "Strangers on an Train". When she collects coal, it is deposited through an opening in her cab roof, and water is stored centrally in the boiler, similar to Speedy McAllister.
    • Also, her basis is the same as Spencer's from Thomas & Friends.
  • Olwin was the youngest steam locomotive until Piper entered the series.
  • Her whistle sound is reused from the ship from Howl's Moving Castle.
  • She doesn't enjoy jobs that involve getting dirty, and will stick to more cleaner duties when possible.
  • It is possible that she may be a mixed-traffic engine as she was seen pulling passenger carriages in Brewster's Little Helper.
  • In Czech and Polish, she is called Olga and in German, she is called Almut.
  • Unlike in Chuggington, Olwin has a wall behind her cab, coal bunkers between her firebox in front of her cab, and nameplates. In Chuggington, Olwin did not sport either of those features, as she had part of her cab roof that was able to slide open forward when collecting coal (which was stored in front of her cab), though she still has water stored inside of her boiler. She also appears to be noticeably bigger than she was in Chuggington. Also, if compared to Speedy McAllister, Olwin appears to be longer than him, which can be seen as shown in the images on this post.
  • Olwin's chassis was modified from Spencer's. The defining differences are completely new wheels and a different siderod build.
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